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Artist Statement 

I used to be on stage for many years until something changed. All of a sudden I felt curious about how it would feel to be on the other side of the camera. I wanted to see the world through a lens. From a different place where many people don't get to be, the backstage, the secret space, where I could be anonymous in the process.

My background in acting has turned out to be a great ally in directing and for my career as a filmmaker. I can speak both languages. I know what I would like to see and how to get you there. And part of the creative process is figuring out the rest in new and spontaneous ways. 

I've always liked taking snaps. Capturing instants already perishing and the feelings attached to them. When I look back on the photographs I've taken over the years I remember exactly the way I felt. So in a way I guess I've been trying to make a collection of all the emotions I felt and captured. Like a diary to my future self. 

Photographer ± Filmmaker ± Writer

London · Barcelona · Los Angeles 

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